As a current or soon-to-be retiree, we know that guaranteed income is among one of your most important needs.  With investment vehicles like 401(k), pensions and IRAs, they are still tied to stock markets and are susceptible to market fluctuations.  We know that even if these accounts perform well, most retirees are unsure how to convert this critical asset into a lifetime income stream.  In order to achieve a safe and secure retirement, we know that retirees need to focus on products that guarantee principle protection.  During our holistic approach to your retirement planning, we’ll discuss the following areas with you around utilizing insurance products:

  • What is an annuity and how could it work with my retirement plan?
  • Should you use life insurance?
  • What is your risk tolerance?
  • How important is principle protection to you?

Our goal is to make it simple and work with you to develop a retirement plan that is customized and gives you the life you deserve.