Gibbs Wealth Management is a family based office.  Our goal for our clients is the simplification of the complex life that comes with being blessed with resources and opportunities. You no longer have to attempt to pull it all together yourself or wonder if someone is making sure that all of the balls in the air are being managed. Gibbs Wealth Management’s Family Office becomes the leader for your family team, working with the various family staff that are already part of your life. We have specialized expert teams who have managed family offices and worked with family office clients for many years. Even as we utilize this expertise we know that each family office client is unique and we personalize the services and relationship to fit your needs. We always welcome you and your beneficiaries to join us at any meeting or Gibbs Wealth Management event. It is important to us to treat your family like our family to ease the stress and burden a life changing event can place on your beneficiaries. Learn about our beneficiary benefits below.

    National Ethics Assoc.
    Better Business Bureau
    Investment advisory services offered through Gibbs Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Georgia.  Insurance products and services offered through Gibbs Financial Group. GWM and GFG are affiliated companies.