A Personalized approach to your retirment

Financial planning is not a one time event. Life changes constantly and as your family moves through time there will always be new issues and opportunities to manage. Gibbs Wealth Management has invested in financial planning technology that makes it easier for you to see your full financial plan and the factors that can change it. We can build scenarios and turn them on and off on the spot, or even change them during the meeting.

  • What if we buy that second home?
  • What if our child chooses an expensive private college?
  • What if we want to take some nice vacations when we retire?
  • What if I retire a couple of years earlier than planned?

We can show you how various changes affect your full financial plan, and we can also show you how adjusting your target performance returns from your investments affect the forecast as well. A good financial plan is a dynamic process, not a binder you put on a shelf. We believe in personal high touch service to help guide you towards your goals and navigate the ups and downs of life and markets ahead.

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