Wealth management combines financial planning with asset management. We work with beginner investors as well as high net-worth clients to ensure they are planning towards a safe and secure retirement. Our process involves looking at our client’s complete financial picture, including investments, to determine the best retirement plan to fit their needs. During our holistic approach, we will uncover answers to the following questions:

  • What types of investments do you currently have?
  • What is your behavior towards investments and retirement planning?
  • Do you have a WILL or TRUST?
  • What are your retirement planning goals?
  • Do you have a legacy plan in place?
  • Do you know where your income will come from in retirement?
  • Do you know what you are currently paying in fees?
  • Do you know the difference between Active Money Management and Passive Money Management?

Because Bo acts as a fiduciary to his clients, you can trust that the plans and intentions are sincere and customized to your individual situation.  Let’s start the conversation.